how do i import files/designs to silhouette studio(cameo)?

with cameo you need to have silhouette studio® designer edition to import svg files or you can use large png files:

the silhouette studio software is able to use external images that are in a basic raster format (such as png, jpg, bmp, gif, tif file types). these files can be opened through the file > open option. once in the software, the image then needs to be converted into a cuttable image that has lines present for the silhouette to recognize as cut lines. a trace feature is included in the software for this purpose.

the trace feature is in the upper right-hand side of the screen. once accessed, a panel will open on the right-hand side of the screen where options are provided to trace imported images in order to create cut lines”

how do i upload files/designs to cricut design space?

1. extract svg file from your zipped download, and save it.

2. open cricut design space, and select “create new project.”

3. click the upload images button on the left panel.

4. click the blue upload image button on the next screen.

5. click the blue browse button, and select the svg file you have saved.

what program do i need to extract files from a zip archive?

some designs in this shop come archived/included in zip archive (this information is included in every design description.) to be able to extract files you need basic winrar/winzip software.

alternatively, there are a number of free and paid programs to unzip files if you don’t think you have one already. one of them is 7zip, a free and open-source file archiver.

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zip is an archive file format that supports lossless data compression. a zip file may contain one or more files or directories that may have been compressed.

what is svg? what size are they?

.svg file – scalable vector graphics

e.g. perfect for cutting machines like cricut or silhouette designer edition; but as a general rule – make sure formats are compatible with your own machine before purchasing.

svg files are sizeable, allowing you to use designs at any size. tiny to huge.

if you are looking for additional information on using images in silhouette, you might find this link useful: