concerning lifetime access, how do i get the new designs? there are a few ways to do this. the easiest is to get linked to the google drive (link below). another way is to contact me at and get a new link via email. i will send you an updated zip file link with my most recent designs included.

i can’t login to my account to download my designs. accounts were never used to retrieve download links. after the initial purchase, i have always provided new links manually, via email. if you need to retrieve an older purchase, please contact me at and get a new link via email.

google drive access: just click on the google drive button to access the folder. you will need to request access with your account before being given access. you will need to let me know in the message what your name or email is for the purchase, otherwise i won’t be able to verify, and your request will be automatically rejected. please allow me 24-48 hours to approve accounts.

additionally, the folders may take some time to appear. this is normal – let me know if you see nothing after 3-4 days.